Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Skit's Hitting The Fan

Conventioneering. It's been a habit (and a partial career choice) of mine.

I'll be at Anime Boston this weekend, April 22nd to the 24th, so you'll be lucky if you see much happening here at all. However, if you do happen to be there to take in the hijinks and relative mirth (mainly since it will be raining all weekend), I suggest you visit Son of "Waratte wa Ikeru?!", my panel on Japanese traditional comedy. I'll be discussing the finer points of rakugo and manzai comedy, as well as performing a few skits that I and my good friend Mike Toole have written.

So if you're not in line for the cosplay contest or the hentai dub panel, stop by Saturday April 23rd at 6PM in the Hynes, Room 309.

I will have a harisen fan on me, so behave.

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