Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 2011 Anime Encyclopedia: H to M

It's your friendly encyclopedia businessman, here to do business with you again!

Thank you for the recent purchase of the first seven volumes of the 2011 Anime Encyclopedia set. From AnoHana to Gintama, I'm sure you enjoyed the content?

What? You don't recall making such a purchase? Well, of course you don't. The anime business has always been sneaky like that. One minute, you're at an anime convention. The next minute, you've bought the entire Full Metal Alchemist series, a set of cat ears, and a full-body dakimakura of Kyonko.

Look, you've already bought the first seven volumes, suckers...I mean, sirs! You might as well buy the next six! Don't make us call in Vinnie and the Weasel to help you locate your credit card.

Here's the entries from H to M, and thanks for your business!