Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anime Survivor: Spring '12 - State Your Case!

(Who knew that Tsuritama would turn into its own version of Survivor? I wouldn't be surprised if someone unearthed an Immunity Idol right at the climax.)

We started with sixteen, and we made it to two. Time to pony up and make your own argument. Should Tsuritama be crowned king of the island? Should The Woman Named Fujiko Mine make off with all the jewels?

Tell us in the Comments section which would get your vote and why. Maybe I might even base my choice off of the best argument! (And I just might—I'm totally stumped.)

1 comment:

  1. I think there's something to be said for waiting for the endings to know for sure.

    For now, though, I would put Fujiko on top simply because for as fun and colorful as Tsuritama is, it's story is fairly conservative coming of age friends-get-together-to-fight-the-big-bad shonen territory. Fujiko's giant conspiracy isn't totally original, either, but it's totally postmodern and deconstructionist.

    That said, if Fujiko's finale is a grasping faux-artistic nightmare, and Tsuritama has a traditional but exciting action-packed end, Tsuritama has to win just because.