Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing AniMaybe's first contributor!

Happy 2011 to all of you loyal readers out there in the Internets! Yes, we may not have been able to escape from those ridiculous oversized novelty glasses (Seriously, there's one zero! Opt for the monocle instead!), but we can at least look to improve ourselves past last year.

We here at AniMaybe see our own opportunity to improve things. A new year, a new resolution, and a big announcement so big that it requires a generic YouTube drum roll!

(We spare no expenses here at AniMaybe.)

First of all, our New Year's resolution? Well, for me, that would be to stop talking in the corporate "we" when I type here. Seriously, I shouldn't be this schizophrenic when it comes to typing my mind. From now on, you're getting the first-person singular efforts from myself.

This resolution has a lot to do with the big blog announcement—AniMaybe now has a population of two! Introducing the first major contributor to AniMaybe's blogroll—Bradley C. Meek! You may have seen some of Bradley's work on the T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews website, as well as his "Snap Judgment" coverage of anime seasons at Anime 3000. A little introduction from the young squire himself would be appropriate, so take it away, Bradley!

When Bradley Meek was a small child, his life was saved from certain death by an anime blogger. Now as we all know, this isn’t something anime reviewers do often, since most of them are self-absorbed pricks, but this was a very special anime blogger. He was the mysterious King of the Anime Bloggers, that legendary writer who has forgotten more about Japanese animation than anyone could hope to remember, and prolifically wrote with wit and passion about his favorite hobby . But after a strange series of circumstances, he disappeared, leaving his crown up for grabs. Thus dawned The Great Age of Anime Bloggers, when every acne-riddled nerd with even a small shred of knowledge about these mysterious Japanese cartoons took a laptop into their sweaty hands and posted powerful screeds on their LiveJournal accounts. Inspired by his childhood hero, Bradley became one of these nerds. He quickly set himself apart from the others, for he had two special powers: a passionate love for anime and animation in general, and a legendary ability to bluff that made people think he actually knew what he was talking about.

Burning with manly spirit, he set off on a quest to join that legendary group of writers, the Habanaraburna’bumkiss, which roughly translates as, “They Who Actually Get Paid Do This Crap.” When he isn’t busy saving distraught princesses and defeating villains in excruciatingly long story arcs, he might be doing such heroic things as getting his degree in Computer Science, playing PC games, listening to classical music and watching kung fu flicks. His goal is to be a prolific, knowledgeable, passionate and articulate blogger about anime, and he hopes that by joining AniMaybe will make the online conversation about anime richer, wittier, and more introspective.

Thanks, Bradley! I'm not entirely sure if joining AniMaybe would help you save the kingdom—I'm still being told on each of my own quests that the princess is in another castle. Damn you, Toadstool!—but I'm sure your addition will bring a different and fresh perspective on the anime industry and its constant supply of moe. Thank you for volunteering your services, and yoroshiku!

Be sure to follow us both on Twitter for our opinions (you can follow myself at @GTebbetts and Bradley at @BradleyCMeek) and keep your eyes peeled for reviews this Winter anime season. Now that you all have a second blogger here from which you can get opinions, the two of us will do our best to give you more feedback and updates about the upcoming shows. If we don't, you certainly can't blame it on our lack of a staff.

(See, now I really CAN get away with using the corporate "we"!)


  1. Congrats! Really looking forward to seeing how this new alliance unfolds. Bring it!

  2. Personally, I'm hoping this is more to alleviate some of the workload for myself, but at the same time I'm hoping that Bradley and I can work together to present more detail in the reviews. I usually review the first three episodes of a series, then leave my opinions for the series to the final review of the season, but with more hands I hope we can cover more in the middle.