Saturday, January 22, 2011


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The list of anime I would be blogging about this season has been shot through, strung up and left to hang like an outlaw. I started out with seven series, and now I'm down to five, and only four of them were series I had originally planned to review. Here's the rundown:

Fractale (Status: Suspended)

There isn't a metaphor overblown enough to aptly describe the stupidity of the Fractale Production Committee's recent decision. I expect that Funimation will reach a deal with the FPC before Fractale finishes its run, though, since I just can't see a decision this dense and hypocritical lasting very long. But maybe I'm just being optimistic. Needless to say, I won't be watching or blogging about this series until I can watch it in a legal and timely manner.

Beezlebub (Status: Ongoing)

Wolverine (Status: Canceled)

G4TV holds the rights to airing Madhouse's Marvel adaptations here in the United States, and while it's obtuse of them to sit on their new acquisitions for two years before finally airing them—what, do they think it's still the Nineties?—I've decided that not watching or writing about the series until it's legally available is the right thing to do.

Infinite Stratos (Status: Ongoing)

Star Driver (Status: Ongoing)

Level E (Status: Ongoing)

Kimi no Todoke (Status: Replaced)

When I put myself down for this series, I had only seen the first episode about a year ago when it first aired, but I liked it enough that I had planned to go back and watch more of it. But when I sat down to make good on my plan, I regretted it. I dragged my feet through the first four episodes before calling it quits. It's a pleasant series, but very bland, with a romance that has few roadblocks and thus no suspense. I've replaced it with Bakuman, which I've enjoyed measurably more. Expect more words on it over the weekend.

I promised Geoff I would do six series this season, so this leaves me a slot open. I have several options: pick up a series from our draft's leftovers, write about something older, or do nothing at all. And hey, since this is the Web 2.0, that means I never have to make any decisions that I can't have my readers make for me! I've decided I'll write about an older anime, but there's a twist.

Most of the time anime blogs write about "old" anime, it's usually anime from the eighties or nineties. And while it's lovely of them to carry that torch for as long as they have, I think it's time someone stood up and reviewed forgotten cartoons... that people cared about in the early Aughts. Below is a list of anime people loved about back in the early days of Internet fandom, but are now largely forgotten. I'll revisit whichever one gets the most votes, soon as I figure out how pull the switch on the voting machine here in the backend.

Your choices are:

-Tsukikage Ran
-X: TV

Have at it, folks.


  1. Additional thought: you can take one of mine if you'd like, but doing something else is quite alright.

  2. I've been meaning to implement this idea for awhile, so now is as good a time as any.

  3. I'd say go with X. Destiny, fate of the world, violence.


  4. X seems your best best as if I remember
    Tsukikage Ran is a mediocre road trip anime and Pretear is a fun if somewhat unimaginative magical girl reverse harem show.

  5. My vote is for "Tsukikage Ran"—it's a quick read, so to speak, but fun nonetheless. And how can you not like a character named "Meow?" :)

    p.s. I retweeted your link on my Twitter page—hopefully you will get more views and votes!