Monday, May 9, 2011

ShitsuMonDay: How's My Driving?

Finally, it's all done. 33 reviews are in the book for the new shows of Spring 2011, and hopefully it's been worth it. Of course, we only have another half-season until Summer 2011 comes our way, so now comes the time where I'd like to ask you your opinions!

This is where wordplay comes into play. See, "question" in Japanese is "shitsumon", so I'd like to devote a part of the blog each Monday here at AniMaybe in order to ask the readers a question and have them provide the vital feedback for the blog to grow. Ergo, "ShitsuMonDay" is an overlap of "shitsumon" and "Monday", the day for asking questions.

This Week's Topic: How's My Driving?

AniMaybe was developed primarily as a review blog, but I hadn't used any sort of ratings system until this season. I decided to break things down into five categories—storyline (plot), animation, characters, (sound)track, and "hype" (anticipation)—but I'm not sure if the breakdown is either fair or well-established.

Let us know either in our week-long poll at the right or in the Comments section here. Is a 25-point system too detailed? Not specific enough? In need of fixing? Let us know so we can make sure there are no holes in the bucket for next season!

1 comment:

  1. I found the 25 point system to be way too much. Especially since one of the 5 categories was hype. The pentagram diagram reminds me of one of the early scenes in Dead Poets Society where a textbook outlines how to measure a poem's worth by taking the area of a rectangle generated by some of its properties. You really can't break down a show like that.

    Of course, there's the actual text, but the 5 categories obviously guided the text, and the very presence of the diagram distracts from the text (this is why I generally don't like stars or scores in reviews, either). A free flowing, concise, and forceful essay for each show would be a lot better, I think.