Monday, May 23, 2011

ShitsuMonDay: Double Dollar Bill, Y'all

I've got...
Nine zillion Zeni in my zapatas
I've got one hundred thousand Wongs in my way

I've got plenty of perfect Potch
Lots of Jennies on my watch
And my Miami Dollars would buy Tokyo Bay

There is nothing quite as wonderful as Beries
There is nothing quite as beautiful as Sen
There's nothing that is greater
Than handling a Meseta
With money there is lo-ots to yen

There is nothing quite as wonderful as Beries
(Beri Beri Beri)
There is nothing like a newly minted Kan
(Kan Kan Kan)

I am up to my Gils
In wondrous Woolong bills
It's accountancy that makes the world so grand
(grand grand grand)

You can always [C]s control
By extracting Extols
For it's money, money, money that makes the world so graaaaaaand!

(Tip of the hat to The Money Programme)

Simple question for this week's ShitsuMonDay! What's the best fictional currency out there? Midas Money? Teiai Dollars? Macca?!

My money's on Munny.

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