Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ixion Saga DT: The Trollingest OP Ever?

Kid plays video game. Kid entranced by a virtual heroine coming onto him. Kid "falls" into the video game to become a true warrior, eventually thwarting his clever enemy by punting him in the junk with a spiked boot.

Before you laugh at this premise behind Ixion Saga DT and call it immature, perhaps you should follow the lyrics to the actual song. Go ahead and access Crunchyroll to follow the opening theme, "DT Suteru" ("I'll lose my DT") by Golden Ixion Bomber DT. Go ahead. I can wait. Just be sure to note that our hero is swinging a sword that turns into a thick-tipped giant hammer when he holds it juuuuust right.

Getting a little bit of a hint that there's something trolling under the surface of this sub-standard adventure anime? Maybe the lyrics might give you a hint. Just be aware that the underlined lyrics were what was written on the screen, while the lyrics underneath are the actual sung song.

「戦士の称号」捨てる                 I will give up my title as a knight!
DT捨てる                                     I will lose my DT!

僕に戦士の称号捨てさせてよ       Let me lose my knightly title.
僕に「DT]捨てさせてよ           Let me lose my DT.

普通の男に戻りたいな                   I want to become a regular guy again.
おとこになりたいな                         I want to become a man.

とても悲願しい運命                        My extremely long-cherished fate
とてもかなしいたからもの              My extremely woeful treasure

宿敵に返上したい                          I will return that to my enemy.
きみにささげたい                            I will give it all to you.

次元転移したときから 強く引力れ合い  Since the time I jumped dimensions, I've felt a strong pull
であったときから 強くひかれ合い          Since the time I met you, I've felt a strong attraction,

眠るたび悪夢をみた                      And when I sleep, I have nightmares.
眠るたびゆめをみた                      And when I sleep, I dream.

ハイペリオンの覚醒にうなされてしまうよ         I've groaned in my sleep from my awaking Hyperion.
からだのほてりにうなされてしまうよ                 I've groaned in my sleep from my body's warmth.

オーラの冷まし方をおしえて         Tell me how to calm my aura.
ねつの冷まし方をおしえて            Tell me how to cool my heat.

どうしてだろう 宿敵と対決すれば対決するほどに    Why is it that the more I fight with my enemy,
どうしてだろう きみをしればしるほどに                      Why is it that the more I know about you,

僕はもう アルマギアが戦闘状態になる         the more I'm thrust into Armagia's open warfare?
僕はもう あいつがかたくなる                          the more that part of me gets so hard?

僕に戦士の称号捨てさせてよ         Let me lose my knightly title.
僕に「DT]捨てさせてよ             Let me lose my DT.

主君の右腕と決別さ                        This is goodbye to my master's right-hand man.
みぎてとさよならさ                           This is goodbye to my right hand.

ライバル同士で戦おう 決着は      Let us fight as equal rivals. The conclusion to it all...
ふたりでしよう これからは             Let us do this together. And from now on...

宿敵を逃さない                                 I will not overlook my enemy.
きみをはなさない                              I will not let you go.

宿敵と対戦しかない                         I can only fight my enemy.
きみとはなれない                             I can never leave you.

Can you perhaps guess what "DT" means then? (Check below.) Well, considering the main villain (whose initials "ED" could now stand for "erectile dysfunction") basically had his balls literally busted by the hero, I think you can tell.

* DT = "doutei", the Japanese word for "virginity".


  1. DT=Doutei that mean virgin

    1. that was exactly what i was thinking my friend

  2. damn. song is fine but the lyric is......

  3. totally this anime story is just a young man who searching a mysterious girl to lose his virginity

  4. no wonder in the anime no english translate on opening theme...
    but i can kinda guess what the meaning of the song...
    something like boku ni DT (im virgin), totemo kanashii (very sadly), takaramono (treasure)..

    on episode 1, kon said he was virgin but since its embrassing for him, he change virgin to DT.

    its really a mess adventure anime... still very funny

  5. there is a lot DT means in this anime :
    virgin, dimension transfer, or knight

    and the enemy name is Erecpyle Dukakis / ED
    and sudenly i can think its name from "erection"

    1. Actually ED is abbreaviation of Erectile Dysfunction.. and kinda suit his character.. lol

  6. Man, this anime is awesome :') I love these writers and voice-actors!

  7. At minute 3:22 it says something that no one has translated the same.

    I listen to "Konya (night) Kaizen (improvement?)!"

    Other guys, translate as "Kon-nya (Kon nya * - *)! Kaise (arrived)"

    What do you hear?