Monday, November 19, 2012

The Golden Ani-Versary of Anime: Full Blog Panic!

You've got me wondering, Japan. You got Tatsunoko Productions to celebrate their 50th anniversary six months before their actual 50th anniversary, but we still haven't seen a Tetsuwan Atomu 50th anniversary anime poster yet? No matter. Tatsunoko's 50th is good enough for me.

Regardless, the outpouring of support for the Golden Ani-Versary of Anime has been duly noticed. This was just some uncertain shot-in-the-dark project that I thought a handful of fans would be into. Instead, we filled up the roster in the span of two weeks! Incredible! It may not have gotten the attention that a petition for political or social awareness would get, but it's still impressive!

So let's get down to business.

Currently, we're trying to develop a sensible rubric for all of the essays and rankings, but we can definitely say that we have a time frame in mind. In the next few days, we'll develop a strategy for essay length and content, but for now we can at least settle on a pattern.

We've been hemming and hawing with various release schedules. Should it be year-long? Month-long? All done in the span of 24 hours? Should we start at 1963 and work our way to 2012? Reverse order? Should we throw darts at a Masamune Shirow calendar to randomly pick dates?It's been decided that we shall meet in the middle, both in duration and in sequence.

Once the calendar flips to 2013, we will start with our first year, 1963, the year that Tetsuwan Atomu debuted on Japanese AND American televisions. Within the same week, we will also roll out an entry on 2012, thus book-ending our fifty-year trip in the first seven days. The next week, we'll roll out 1964 and 2011, then progress inwards until we get to the late 1980s / early 90s. Once we get to the last ten entries in late June, we'll randomize the order and finish with 1989, the year that the great Osamu Tezuka passed away.

Each week, we'll accompany the entries with a profile of the year's timeline, covering the important events that defined the industry in both Japan and globally. Hopefully, approaching anime from its past and its present might give us all insight as to how we will view anime in the future.

Some of you might be too antsy to wait to see who has been selected for what years. We've provided the entire listing beyond the jump and hidden for spoilers, so if you want to remain surprised, don't access the jump!

1963 Charles Dunbar
1964 Miguel Douglas
1965 Mia Lewis
1966 @aliveinthewired
1967 Basil Berchekas III
1968 Todd Dubois
1969 Dave Merrill
1970 Jessica Dreistadt
1971 Rose Brazeale
1972 Akiko Sugawa
1973 @illgenes
1974 Justin S.
1975 Mike Toole
1976 Jeremy W. Kaufmann
1977 @sdshamshel
1978 @ajthefourth
1979 Reverse Thieves
1980 Daryl Surat
1981 Joseph Luster
1982 Michael Rubio
1983 Patrick Drazen
1984 @northstarblog
1985 @Predederva
1986 @PatzPrime
1987 @2DTea
1988 @thaliarchus
1989 Evan Jones
1990 Vincent Averello
1991 @ABCBTom
1992 Brian Ruh
1993 Geoffrey Tebbetts
1994 Brian Smith
1995 RP Webster
1996 @kadian1364
1997 @carouselcarouse
1998 Evan Minto
1999 Houma Nafissaton
2000 Patrick Stoeckel
2001 Alexandra Roedder
2002 @lostty
2003 Bradley C. Meek
2004 George J. Horvath
2005 @krizzlybear
2006 Serdar Yegulalp
2007 @riajuunibyou
2008 Ian Wolf
2009 @DayDreamsUK
2010 Michael King
2011 Patrick George Jones
2012 Anonymous
There they are, folks! Our lineup is all set for the Golden Ani-Versary project. The blog should be up soon at, and we'll have our stipulations up soon!

Stay tuned!

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