Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Golden Ani-Versary of Anime: Introducing the Payroll!

We're still working on some of the kinks for the Golden Ani-Versary project, including details surrounding the length of the essays, the frequency that each post will be made, and the order that they will appear. We also have to figure out what we're going to do if we can't fill in the final ten spaces, but we still have a good three weeks or so until we'll start getting submissions.

We will also announce a new blog for all of these posts, so that means we may be seeking help for designing the banner. (Hey, I'm not art-smart.)

However, what we can announce is the list of the bloggers, writers, and Twitter accounts who have made reservations to contribute to this 50th-anniversary celebration for the debut of the Tetsuwan Atomu anime. We won't go so far as to say who will be writing for what year, but we'll at least give you a list of who will be lending a hand.

(Mind you, we're not paying people in Tetsuwan Bucks...)

Here we go! In no particular order...

Those with Twitter!

@2DTea (Conversations at the Café Subculture)
@ABCBTom (Hungry Bug Diner)
@Akirascuro (Moe Fundamentalism)
@Ajthefourth (Altair and Vega)
@carouselcarouse (Violence Jill's Room)
@DaydreamsUK (Raindrops and Daydreams)
@kadian1364 (The Nihon Review)
@krizzlybear (Baka Laureate, Cure Blogger)
@lostty (Anime Princess)
@northstarblog (Blog of the North Star)
@PatzPrime (Insert-Disc)
@Predederva (Prede's Anime Reviews)
@riajuunibyou (Pareidolia, Animated)
@sdshamshel (Ogiue Maniax)
@thaliarchus (Animanachronism)

Basil Berchekas III (OSM Cast!)
Bradley C. Meek (Those Damn Cartoons)
Brian Ruh (@animeresearch)
Brian Smith (Awesome Engine)
Charles Dunbar (Study of Anime)
Dave Merrill (Mister Kitty)
Daryl Surat (Otaku USA, Anime World Order)
Evan Minto (Ani-Gamers)
George J. Horvath (Land of Obscusion)
Ian Wolf (MyM Mag)
Jeremy W. Kaufmann (Destroy All Comics)
Joseph Luster (Otaku USA, Subhumanzoids)
Justin S. (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)
Michael King (Anipulse)
Michael Toole (The Mike Toole Show)
Narutaki and Hisui (Reverse Thieves)
Natasha (Shibireru Darou)
Patrick George Jones (Oh Great! Another Podcast)
Patrick Stoeckel (The Anime Discussion Corner)
RP Webster (Ideas Without End)
Serdar Yegulalp (Genji Press)
Todd DuBois (Toonzone)
Vincenzo Averello (All Geeks Considered)

No Twitter (that we know of), but with proper ID!

Akiko Sugawa
Miguel Douglas
Mia Lewis
Jessica Dreistadt
Alexandra Roedder
Evan Jones
Houma Nafissaton
Michael Rubio
Patrick Drazen
Rose Brazeale

And many more?

If you want to sign up for any of the remaining years, contact me at @GTebbetts.

Right now, we still have the following years available:

We hope to hear from you!


  1. Side note: I'm also on Twitter as @genjipress

  2. On twitter but I don't tweet much except cat photos: @alexandramuses.