Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Comic 10-Shakai Restates Stance, Expresses Apology to Fans

As of 7:30 PM Japan Time on December 22nd, 2010, Kadokawa has posted a joint statement to once again protest the Tokyo Youth Health Development Ordinance on behalf of the Comic 10-Shakai.

In this statement, the Comic 10-Shakai has expressed their apologies to anime and manga fans for their withdrawl and non-cooperation with the 2011 Tokyo International Anime Fair. However, they have also reenforced their opposition to the bill by stating the precautions they have taken in protecting minors in the past and further clarifying the parts of the passage process with which they disagree:

Regarding the immediate statement on non-cooperation and non-participation with the 2011 Tokyo International Anime Fair


December 22, 2010

On December 10th, our organization announced in an immediate statement our non-cooperationand non-participation with the "2011 Tokyo International Anime Fair". First of all, regarding this matter we offer our deepest apologies to anime fans and to all of those who were eagerly awaiting the Anime Fair. However, this sort of action had to be taken by us at all costs due to our opposition to the passing of the "Amendment to the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Healthy Development Ordinance", and in the end we felt we had to make this gesture for the sake of all manga and anime fans in Japan. We ask for the full understanding of manga and anime fans in this regard.

However, while many problems with the above-mentioned amendment had been pointed out, the amendment was ultimately passed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly on December 15th. Concerns have come one after the other from manga artists and anime producers that there are fears that this will cause creative activity to wither due to the abstract and vague requirements of the amendment. We too have expressed out strong protest towards the passage of this sort of amendment.

Of course, our organization also has a deep desire for improvement in the healthy development in today's youth. For that reason, the publishing industry has self-regulated itself for many years by displaying "adult-only magazine" marks on its covers, as well as providing two microsealed locations on its goods and thoroughly partitioned merchandising at bookstores and convenience stores so that minors could not stand and browse through them. As a result, there are no longer any situations where, as Governor Shintar├┤ Ishihara has stated, "explicit books have inundated (the market)". Even though these sorts of satisfactory results have been obtained under the current conditions, it is totally beyond our comprehension why there is a need for obscure draft revisions. Of course, we intend to double our efforts to thoroughly self-regulate in the future.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, upon passing the amendment, have also passed additional resolutions. Regarding the application of articles concerning self-regulation and the designation of unhealthy reading materials where it was indicated that the language in the ordinance was unclear, "there will be careful implementation with consideration of points expressed in the article in question by its creator such as its artistic character, its social nature, its academic artistry, and its critical nature through humor", and regarding the procedure for consultation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Chamber on Youth Healthy Development for the review of reading materials, "we will ensure fair administration such as the appraisal of items in the revised ordinance where new standards had been added and the acquisition of time for a review." We strongly urge that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in the context of the aforementioned additional resolutions, proceeds with careful implementation of the revised ordinance while valuing the author's freedom of expression and the voluntary efforts of the publishing industry. Our stance of opposition to this revised ordinance will not change. From now on, we are determined to consistently take the lead in raising questions regarding the existence and implementation of the revised ordinance without backing off our surveillance.

The Comic 10-Shakai
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